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Finding Scholarships

This guide will help members of the Goodwin Community locate possible scholarship information.

Awareness of Common Scholarship Scams

Don't Fall for These 5 College Scholarship Scams

Popular SCAMS:
1. Cash up front (require an application or processing fee)
2. Free seminar (sales pitch for overpriced loans, products, etc.)
3. Rewards without entries (no application, no work involved)
4. Time-sensitive scholarships (first-come,first-served basis, not to be confused with deadlines)
5. Sweeping claims (guaranteed or money back) - note: scholarships should be free.

Remember: Legitimate scholarships do not charge a fee to apply. They do not call on the phone, or send “award letters” in the mail, and they never ask for your credit card information.

Website Evaluation

As with anything on the web, there are some scams out there. Make sure you are careful and evaluate each site before entering your personal information. Here are a few "rules of thumb" to follow while searching for scholarships online. 

  • Who is responsible for this website?
  • What is the expressed purpose of this website?
  • When was this website created? Was it recently updated? 
  • Where does this information come from? Where can I find more information about its sponsors? 
  • Why is this page better than another?
As always, be very careful before entering your social security number in any website!