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Finding Scholarships

This guide will help members of the Goodwin Community locate possible scholarship information.

How to Begin?!

  1. Plan ahead!  Do not wait to the last minute.
  2. Be proactive and persistent
  3. Read over the eligibility requirements
  4. Complete the application neatly and in the proper format (written, electronic, etc.)
  5. Answer ALL QUESTIONS! (even the optional ones)
  6. Provide any and all of the additional materials requested (in the proper format)
  7. Keep a copy of all submissions
  8. Be sure to submit the application by the deadline.
  9. Thank everyone who has helped you!

Look Locally!

In addition to the sites included in this guide, you should also check local businesses, professional associations and non-profit organizations (e.g. Rotary Club, places of worship, fraternal groups) for scholarships and grants.  Try the following tips: 

  • Ask your family and friends to check their work place's website or newsletter for scholarship information
  • Contact local service organizations and inquire about scholarship opportunities
  • Follow local organizations on Facebook or Twitter and watch for scholarship announcements