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The Research Process

A guide to start you on your research journey!

Where to Search

Single Search

Single Search is a great place to begin your research because it searches all of the library's databases and resources at once.

Single Search


You can also search within a specific database. A database is an organized collection of information. Some databases are general and cover a wide variety of topics (ex. Academic Search Premier) while others are subject specific (ex. CINAHL is a nursing database). If you are still finding too many results in Single Search that are not related to your topic, it may be helpful to try a subject specific database.

Click to view our list of Databases A to Z which you can browse by subject, type, or alphabetically. 

Library Catalog

You can also search the library catalog for physical books.




Interlibrary Loan

If you find an article you would like to use but is not available through our databases in full text or a book that is not in our collection, you can request it through Interlibrary loan.