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Meet the Tutors

This research guide gives you information on how to access our professional tutors and other tutor support services.

Science Tutors

Delano Paul - Chemistry, Microbiology, Human Biology, A&P I and II

I've been a professional tutor over fifteen years. During my college and high school life, academics never came easy to me; however, I had people that believed in me more than I believed in myself. Their belief in me led to a bunch of academic awards and graduating with honors. Now I get an opportunity to share their wisdom with everyone that I tutor. It is my belief that tutoring is Inspiration, Navigation and Education.

  • Inspiration: Inspire through stories and analogies
  •  Navigation: navigate people through the rough academic waters
  • Education : Educate  course matter using real life scenarios

    Contact info: Students can also book online:

Monday: 2pm - 8:00 PM  [Remote]   Join meeting link  Zoom Meeting ID: 210 925 0930

Wednesday: 5-8pm [Remote]  Join meeting link  Zoom Meeting ID: 210 925 0930)

Thursday: 4:00 - 8:00 PM  Join meeting link  Zoom Meeting ID: 210 925 0930)

Rodcliffe Wint [A&P I & A&P II; Chemistry; and Microbiology]

I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2015. Since then, and even during my college years I have tutored students in various areas of Biology/Chemistry. Though I have gone on to earn a terminal degree in the study of Dentistry, I have never lost my passion for teaching. My goal is to have students realize their true potential in the classroom so they may excel in a career that has science as its core foundation. In doing so, it is my hope that I have contributed to the cycle of professionals helping the next generation of students.

Summer Hours (*note* unavailable May 27th - June 4th)

email: to set up an appointment!

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Monday: 5-8:30pm

Tuesday: 5- 8:30pm

Wednesday: 5-8:30pm

Saturday: 8am - 11:30am

Sunday: 8am -2pm

Sarah Zogu [A&P I; A&P II; Microbiology; Biology; Health Science; Study Skills]

Hello, my name is Sarah! I am a recent graduate from UCONN and obtained my Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology. While at UCONN, I completed my minor in Healthcare Management and Insurance Studies and completed the pre-med track. I am very passionate about science/ molecular and cell biology and have the desire to teach. I’d love for students to find their passion in science as I have myself. As a tutor, my primary duty is to work with students and adapt my teaching to their preferred learning style.

Summer Hours

email: to set up an appointment!

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Monday: 12pm-2pm; 5pm-7pm

Tuesday: 12pm-2pm; 5pm-7pm

Wednesday: 12pm-2pm; 5pm-7pm

Thursday:12pm-2pm; 5pm-7pm

Friday:12pm-2pm; 5pm-7pm