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Meet the Tutors

This research guide gives you information on how to access our professional tutors and other tutor support services.


Tutoring is available by appointment and can be made individually or with a group. to schedule time to meet with a tutor, you will need to email them based on the subject. There is also on demand tutoring available by clicking on the eTutoring link provided in each subject's page..
Are you having difficulty understanding the material that is presented in class? Was your exam score lower than you expected? Have you been away from the class environment for a number of years? Do you suffer from test anxiety? Do your college level study skills (time management, studying for tests, etc.) need development? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, than the tutors and librarians can assist you!
Yes! This guide is where you can make an appointment.
Generally, they last about one hour.
We recommend you arrive or sign in five minutes early to set up your work area and/or log on to the computer. Make sure you bring any material (including your textbook) you need assistance with and specific questions so you can maximize your time with a tutor.
Tutors are trained to use a variety of techniques. They include note review, problem solving, discussion, and others. No two tutoring sessions are the same. You are expected to be an active participant in each session. Tutors are flexible and will try to meet your specific needs, but they will not complete your work for you. They cannot help you with any quizzes or tests.
Please email the tutor to let them know.