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Meet the Tutors

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Math Lab tutors and their subjects

Jennifer Carter - Math 097, 125, 135, STAT 167

My name is Jennifer Carter, but please call me Jenna. I have loved math ever since I was little, and it is my passion to help others understand it. I believe people who are willing to work hard can learn anything they need to know. I am excited to meet and help anyone I can with math! 

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Contact info:

Summer Semester Schedule:

Monday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM |On-Ground Room 209 + join session with this link

Wednesday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM join session with this link

Fekrije Konjusha - Math 097, 125 and 135

Contact info:

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Introduction video
Summer Semester Schedule

Mondays 12pm-7pm | Virtual

Tuesdays 12pm-7pm | Virtual

Wednesdays 12pm-6pm | Virtual

Spring Break Schedule:

Tue 10a-3p remote
Thur 10a-3p onground

Natasha Progonati - Math 097, 125, 135, STAT 167

I have a master’s degree in Mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics. I am an adjunct professor at a few universities and have been working at Goodwin as professor and tutor since 2010. I believe everyone can reach their true math potential by asking for help and taking their time. 

Contact info: and Introduction video

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Spring Semester Schedule

Mondays and Wednesdays: 12:30-5pm, 7-8pm

Tuesdays  8-12am ,1-6pm)

Des Garner - Math 097, 125, 135, STAT 167

I spent most of my career working as an environmental scientist, investigating and cleaning-up hazardous waste sites so that they could be returned to beneficial use for residential or commercial development. This work required a significant amount of math and chemistry, not to mention patience and tolerance for endless bureaucracy! My MA is in Metallurgy and Materials Science, but my life took a rather different direction and it all worked out very well. I have tutored math and chemistry extensively and enjoy working with students for all ages; adult, middle school and high school students. I enjoy helping students realize that math and chemistry do not have to be sources of horror and trepidation! Anyone can succeed in these subjects – regardless of their doubts or fears. As my mom always said – “Where there’s a will there’s a way!” My goal is to help students see what they are capable of, which in many cases means letting go of fears and misconceptions of their own abilities

Contact Info:

Introduction Video

Fall and Spring Semester Schedule

Monday 9-2 on ground
Tuesday 9-2 virtual
Wednesday 9-2 on ground
Thursday 9-2 virtual