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APA Citation Guide (7th Edition)

The APA 7th edition was published in October 2019. Please check with your instructor about which edition should be used for your work.

How to format a PowerPoint presentation in APA Style:

The APA manual does not have a section on how to format a PowerPoint presentation, but you can follow APA style guidelines within your PowerPoint. For example:

  • Include the same information on your title slide that you would have on a title page. 
  • Include in-text citations for any quote, paraphrase, image, graph, table, data, audio or video file that you use within your presentation. Please note that photographs are considered figures in APA style. See section 7.30 of the APA manual for more information about this.
  • The last slide will be your References List. 
  • “No citation, permission, or copyright attribution is necessary for clip art from programs like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint” (American Psychological Association [APA], 2020, p. 346).
  • Do not reproduce images without permission from the creator or owner of the image. See section 12.15 of the APA manual for more information about this.

How to cite PowerPoint slides in your References List

You will use the following format to cite PowerPoint slides:

Author, A. A. (year). Title of presentation [PowerPoint slides]. Website Name. https://xxxxx

Please note that “if the slides come from a classroom website, learning management system [e.g., Blackboard], or company intranet and you are writing for an audience with access to that resource, provide the name of the site and its URL (use the login page URL for sites requiring login)” (APA, 2020, p. 347). Don't forget to indent the second and subsequent lines.

Goodwin University. (n.d.). Social media and marketing communications: Written/Oral project outline. [PowerPoint slides]. Blackboard.