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Pediatric Nursing

Library Research Starter in Pediatrics

Available Journals

Academic Pediatrics

2009 - present (6 month embargo)

BMC Pediatrics

Open Access (2001 - present)

Child Health Nursing Research

2013 - Present
Publishes research papers covering theories, practices, and education in all fields of child health nursing; goal is to contribute to health maintenance and promotion, disease prevention and recovery of children and family members.

Children's Health Care

1981 - Present (18 month Embargo)
Journal of researched-based articles addresses issues of best practice in children's health

Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics

Open Access (2010 - Present)

Contemporary Pediatrics

Open Access (2006 - Present)

Focuses on the diagnosis & management of clinical problems from neonatology through adolescence.

Fetal & Pediatric Pathology

2004 - present (18 months embargo)

Publishes data on disease of the developing embryo, newborns, children, & adolescents

Paediatrics & Child Health

Open Access (1997 - present with 12 month embargo)

Pertinent to specialists and general practitioners and contains peer-review material, society guidelines and continuing medical education addressing all aspects of paediatrics.

Paediatrics and International Child Health

2012 - Present (12 month embargo)

Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

1996 - present (12 month embargo)
Contains original contributions and comprehensive reviews to the understanding and treatment of immune deficiency, allergic inflammatory and infectious diseases in children. 

Pediatric Anesthesia

2004 - Present (12 month embargo)
Covers a wide selection of medical disciplines in all areas relevant to anaesthesia in newborns, infants and children

Pediatric Nursing

1999 - Present

Provides current information on practice, policy, and research for pediatric nurses. Emphasis is placed on the changing role of the pediatrics nurse practitioner/clinical specialist