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Group Dynamics

All the resources you need to achieve group project success!

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These articles give a quick overview of the five stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. They also discuss the different types of team members, including the joker, aggressor, etc., as well as other important aspects of group dynamics centered on the leader's role within a group.

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You've just received and downloaded the syllabus for your class. You start reading about the extensive group work you'll be doing in the class. You groan inside as you consider dropping the course. However, learning to work effectively as part of a group is a wonderful skill you will use frequently in your career!

So, how do you make group projects effective, educational, and even enjoyable?

Remember: Do not assume your group experience will be bad. Beginning a group project with a positive attitude will have a favorable impact on those around you. You should not compare this experience to those in the past. This is a fresh start!