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Reading and Critiquing Research

A Research Starter to supplement instruction for NUR 351 - Introduction to Nursing Research

Structure of a Research Article

A research article is similar to a laboratory report, it describes the purpose, methods, and results of the study, as well as a discussion of findings.

Structure of a research article

Title Page

  • Author(s)
  • Corresponding Author
  • Conflicts of Interest

Abstract or Summary of the research

Introduction: Why was the study done?

  • Problem & Purpose
  • Literature Review

Methods:  Describes how they did the study

  • Population (human subjects, patients, or animals or both)
  • Data collection (or Instruments)
  • Interventions
  • Sample
  • Specify the study design
  • Study variables

Results - What did the researchers find?

  • Data collection
  • Participants
  • Key findings
  • Secondary findings


  • Main findings
  • Data analysis
  • Strengths and limitations of the study       

Conclusions or Comments:

  • Significance of study or implications for future research