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SAGE Research Methods

an overview

** Starting your Research **

How do I choose between different research methods?

Professor Stephen Gorard explains that researchers should start projects by defining what they want to learn, then choosing research methods to best match the question. He says that too few academics have good research design skills, and he discusses the relationship between research and theory.

How should one go about designing a qualitative research project?

Professors Catherine Marshall and Gretchen Rossman discuss what it takes to conduct qualitative research. They reference their book on the subject and highlight the need to confront the challenges of qualitative research.

** Developing Questions **

Developing Research Questions: Skills for Success

Dr. Jay Lucker explores the process of developing a research project. Lucker explains question formation, hypothesis generation, and methodologies.

** How Do I Publish a Journal Article? **

How Do I Publish a Journal Article?

Explore the obstacles and factors responsible for the publication or denial of a journal article submission.

Top Tip: Question-Based Titles Yield More Citations

David Silverman explains the importance of questions in report titles.