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SAGE Research Methods

an overview

SAGE Research Methods provides a variety of ways in which you can access content (search or browse) in the collection.

SEARCH Options:

  • Option 1: Use the search box provided on the SAGE Research Methods home page.
  • Option 2: Select the Advanced search link found under the search box.  At Advanced search, you can choose to narrow by Data, Content Type, Discipline etc.

BROWSE Options:

  • Option 3: Select a box under "I Want To ..."
  • Option 4: Enter through "My Discipline Is..." then search within that discipline.
  • Option 5: Scroll down to select the Methods Maps as a way to get to content.
  • Option 6: Scroll down even more to locate boxes for Cases, Datasets, and Video with "Find out more" links.  From here, you can narrow by method, discipline or academic level.
  • Option 7: Select "Browse" link at top, middle of the screen

VIDEO Tutorials: