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Health Science - Epidemiology

Guide to resources for Epidemiology

Recommended Databases

Below are links to individual databases that are recommended for Epidemiology.  Each database holds citation, abstract or full-text links to journal articles:

It is important to analyze your topic and select the keywords that are relevant to your topic before beginning your search.

When searching, start with a broad search using one or two keywords that are relevant to your topic, using the limiters in the database to reduce your results. 

Break your search terms up, entering one word into a search box and combine these single word searches by using the tools of the database.

Truncation - By using truncation for example, epidem* in your search strategy, will retrieve results that include every word starting with the wordstem before the *

Key journals in epidemiology

NCBI Sequence Databases

Books available @ the HFL:

Electronic Book Collections