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APA for Nursing

Major APA Style Rules . . That Lead to Confusion

- In APA there are only three major things in an APA article title that should be capitalized:

•The first word.

•The word following a colon

•A proper noun or phrase

- There is no period at the end of an digital reference, such as, a DOI or URL

​- Use last name, first and middle initials for authors and editors used in the author position.

​- Most of APA rests on a simple recipe : Who? When? What? And Where?

- Generic Reference: Author, date, title, source

- How to Write APA Reference without all the information

- An in-text citation must match a source in the references. If you have "The sky is red" (Smith, 2015, p.5) it needs to match your last page of your APA paper which is the References. References are alphabetic. The references should contain:

Smith, A. (2015). True sky color. Journal of Color, 11(2), 3-7. Retrieved from