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NUR 459 - Introduction to Healthcare Policy and Advocacy

A research starter for health policy resources.

Best Practices

Best Practices for PowerPoint presented by Dennison, Rosselli, & Dempsey (2015)

  • Do use good contrast such as dark blue background with withe text.
  • Do use bullet points rather than complete sentences since you will be tempted to read the complete sentences.
  • Do restrict the amount of text on slides - use 6x6 rules - no more than 6 lines and no more than 6 words per line.
  • Do restrict the number of different fonts to 2 in your presentation.
  • Do use a sans serif font - examples Arial, Calibri, Berlin Sans, Gill Sans or Tahoma
  • Do make text size at least 32 points for headings and 24 points for bullet points.
  • Do use illustrations appropriately & sparingly - make sure that it contributes to the presentation.
  • Do use subtle transitions and animation effects.  (p. 111).

Dennison, R., Rosselli, J., & Dempsey, A. (2015). Evaluation beyond exams in nursing education: designing assignments and evaluating rubrics. New York, NY; Springer Publishing.