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Goodwin University Archives and Special Collections

Goodwin College Archives and Special Collections

Reading Room Guidelines

These rules are designed to allow you access to the materials for research and also protect the materials for future researchers. We are grateful to you for abiding by these rules so that we can provide access to these resources for years to come. 

  • No food, drink, backpacks, purses, or laptop bags are allowed in the Reading Room. The staff in the Library will provide a secure storage space for your items while you use the archival materials. This is to ensure the safety of the materials.
  • Please wash your hands before using the materials. This helps preserve the materials.
  • You will be asked to sign in. This allows us to document use of the collections.
  • You may use a laptop or pencil and paper to take notes. No pens are allowed in the reading room. Again, this is for the safety of the materials.
  • Laptops may be used, but portable copiers and scanners are prohibited
  • You may use a camera without flash to take photographs of the materials. These photographs are for your research use and allowing you to take photographs does not constitute permission to publish the photographs.
  • Handle material with care; be sure to maintain the original order of items within each folder. View items flat in their folders on the table, one folder at a time. Do not remove items from the folders and do not make marks or tracings of any kind on the materials.
  • Do keep the materials in the folder in order.
  • Do not lean on the materials or force any book to lay flat. You will receive book supports and weighted snakes if necessary and the archives staff will demonstrate how to use them properly. This ensures the preservation of the materials
  • If you are using photographic materials, the archives staff will provide you with white gloves for handling the materials. This ensures that the oils on your hands do not harm the photographic materials.

Thank you for helping us keep or collections safe and in good order for future researchers!

The Basics

HANDS – Dirt, oil, and color can transfer to collection materials. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.

            Do not use lotion or moisturizer.

GLOVES – Only wear gloves if working with photographs, electronic media, or metals. When working with books and paper, gloves can hinder manual dexterity and may present more of a danger to the object.

CLOTHING – Be mindful of loose clothing or dangling materials such as jewelry, sleeves, or ties that can damage the surface or catch on library items and tear them.

PENCILS ONLY – Pens should not be used around library and archives materials. Under no circumstances should pens ever be used to write on objects. Never write on paper that is laying on top of library materials. 

DO NOT RUSH – This is when accidents happen and damage occurs. Take your time and plan your movements.