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History 101 - American History Since 1877

A collection of Open Educational Resources for History 101.

Course Description

The Fifteenth Amendment gave male citizens, regardless of race, color, or previous status (i.e. slavery), the right to vote. While the amendment was not all encompassing in that women were not included, it was an extremely significant ruling in establishing the liberties of African American men. This print depicts a huge parade held in Baltimore, Maryland, on May 19, 1870, surrounded by portraits of abolitionists and scenes of African Americans exercising their rights. Thomas Kelly after James C. Beard, “The 15th Amendment. Celebrated May 19th 1870,” 1870. Library of Congress,

Course Description

This course provides a study of America's political, social, intellectual, and diplomatic history from its post-Civil War industrialization to the present. Topics cover Reconstruction and its aftermath, the development of a city-based industrial economy, World War I, the inter-war years, the New Deal, World War II, Vietnam, race relations, social and political conflicts, and later economic changes of the twentieth century. The course provides study of recent Presidential administrations and twenty-first-century domestic and international issues, including the impact of a global economy on contemporary America.

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