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NUR 205 - Health Assessment & Skill Development

Finding Nursing/Healthcare Articles

If you are looking for articles on a given topic, you will need to look in one of our specialized article databases for nursing.  Here are links to several good choices.  See the video on the right for an example of how to search for articles in the CINAHL database.

Basic Keyword Searching

Here are some quick tips for successful keyword searching:

  • Remember that keyword searching simply matches whatever you type in against text in articles. Spelling, word order, phrases can all drastically affect your search results.
  • Break up your topic instead of typing it as a phrase. Instead of searching on "rural homeownership by single mothers" as a single phrase, it's better to search on "homeownership AND single mothers AND rural".
  • You may need to try searching on different synonyms for your topics. For example, if you search on "teens", the search will match only that word and will skip any articles that use the phrase "young adults" or "adolescents" instead. Try multiple searches with different synonyms or spellings, or learn more about the Boolean operator OR.
  • Consider keyword search settings that give you control over how the search matches terms. For example, if you want articles written by and not about Bandura, look for an "author search" setting.