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Mad Librarian Escape Room

Library orientation


The purpose of this escape room is to prevent the mad librarian from stealing a rare book from the library's collection! To do this you must open the lock on her office door before she can get away with the precious volume!  You will be put into groups of 4-5, and as a team you must go to four stations in the library that will each give you one of the numbers needed to unlock the door.  As you go, make sure to pay attention to detail because anything might be a clue! 

Library orientation

By the end of this escape room lesson, you will

  • be familiar with the library resources on both floors
  • know how to look up an item in the catalog and locate it on the shelf
  • be comfortable using the library's Single Search to find an academic journal article
  • know how the MediaScape collaborative workstation functions
  • be able to identify the items in the library's A&P special collection
  • be confident using the library's website
  • know how to reach out ot a librarian for assistance