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TEAS Practice Resources

Finding the TEAS practice tests

You can find Brainfuse JobNow on the library's database web page. Highlight the "Database" tab and then click on the "Databases A-Z" link.









Then click on the letter "B" 


which will take you to the section with Brainfuse JobNow


Click on Brainfuse JobNow and then on  "SkillSurfer"  in the "Career" column

Look for the "Nursing School Exams" button in the middle column, and click on it to find the TEAS Practice Tests


Clicking on the "Practice Test" box brings you to the choices. You can practice the English, Math and Science sections:


When you begin a test, you will be asked to create a simple account by making up a username and password.

When you finish a test section, you'll receive a score and an analysis of your results to help identify places where you might want to do additional studying.