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Health Statistics

Resources on finding and utilizing health statistics.!

Databases to Search for Health Statistics

When the statistics you seek have not been gathered by government or non-profit agencies you may have better luck locating the information in an article. Here are some databases that are good places to start your search.

Search Tip: Combine search words for your topic of interest with the specific term for the type of statistical information such as : Incidence; Prevalence; Morbidity; Mortality; Utilization.

PubMed search tips

PubMed is one of the largest biomedical databases available (created by the National Library of Medicine in the US). It gives bibliographic access to the contents of journals, and you can search by author, subject headings and keywords. 

Some subject headings to search in PubMed:

You can explode these terms or select individual headings from their tree. 

  • Public Health
  • Epidemiological Methods
  • Vital Statistics

Combine these terms with your subject:

eg myocardial infarction AND vital statistics or search your Thesaurus term and add a subheading such as: 

  • Myocardial Infarction--epidemiology
  • Lung Neoplasms--mortality
  • Accidental Falls--statistics & numerical data

Then combine your term with the Subject heading United States.