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World Cultures: Find Articles

This guide is to help students begin searching for information about world cultures

News by Country:

Search Tips:


Keywords are the words that most accurately describe the topic you want. As you search, look in the records you find for additional or more exact keywords or phrases to use.


Think about different words an author might have used. 

AND, OR, NOT, Quotes and Astericks

Use these special words ("operators") to connect your keywords --

AND -results must include both words. 

OR -results can contain either of the words. Use to link synonyms

NOT -results include one word and not the other. 

Quotes - (in most databases) the quoted words must appear together. 

Asterick - (in most databases) look for all variations after the *. 

Limit your Search

Depending on the database, this could be searching by Title, Author or Publication Date. Also look for "Descriptors" or "Subject terms" assigned to good articles, then search by those terms.

Ask a Librarian

Talk to the librarian at the reference desk for more tips!!

Suggested Databases

These are just three of many, many databases you can choose from: