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Dental Hygiene

A guide to dental resources for dental hygiene students.

Evaluating Web Resources

The CRAAP Test

Before using a website for a paper or project, you should evaluate it to make sure that it is appropriate for college level research. Consider the following criteria when you are evaluating a website:

  • C - Currency:  Does the website state the date of last update or copyright?  Was the website updated recently?  If links are included, are they working?
  • R - Reliability/Relevance:  Does the website include sources for all factual information?  Are these sources credible and current?  Is the information presented on the website consistent with the other sources you have found?  Does the website provide a way to contact the author or organization for additional information?
  • A - Accuracy: Where does the information come from? Is it supported by evidence? Has the information been reviewed? Does the language seem unbiased and free of emotion?
  • A - Authority: Who authored this information?  Was it a single person or several people?  Was it a corporation or organization?  Are their credentials provided?  What is their reputation or expertise?
  • P - Purpose/Point of View: Does the website clearly state its mission or purpose?  Does the mission or purpose of this website present a potential bias?  Is the intended audience clear and is the content appropriate for the level of research you are performing?

Selected Websites