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Anatomical Models

A&P Lab Practical Models

During the time that COVID-19 safety guidelines are in place in the Hoffman Family Library, the anatomical models used in the A&P I and A&P II labs will be available on a limited basis. In an effort to proved access 24/7, the Librarians have photographed all of the Anatomy and Physiology models and provided the keys. 

Free A&P Resource: Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas

You have two options for downloading the Visible Body 2018 Human Anatomy Atlas from home:

Read the rest of the instructions and then use this link.

First, you will see a Blackboard login screen. Enter your ID and password.

Then Click the blue icon for Visible Body 2018


The next screen gives you your choices. You can download the program to your home desktop or laptop computer by clicking the yellow "Launch Human Anatomy Atlas" button.



It is a large file, so be patient while it downloads.


To download to a tablet or smartphone, use that device to follow the link above to Visible Body, scroll farther down the "Human Anatomy Atlas 2018" screen, and click the "Mobile Apps" button



Then click to follow the off campus instructions. You will be asked to use your email in order to receive a password for free access. USE YOUR GOODWIN STUDENT EMAIL or it will not work!!


After you receive your password, continue to the App Store or to Google Play and you will be able to download for free