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Hoffman Family Library Newsletter

News and updates from the Hoffman Family Library!

News and Updates From the Hoffman Family Library

Spring 2020


Welcome to the spring semester! We've been busy here at the library getting ready for new students, new faculty, and new challenges. Below you'll find news, information, updates, general tips, and more.

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Library Display: Montgomery Bus Boycott

Come see the library's latest display, titled Martin Luther King Jr. and the Montgomery Bus Boycott!

This collection highlights items saved by Maude Ballou who served as Dr. King’s first secretary from 1955 to 1960. The original typewritten pages of King’s address at the First Annual Institute on Non-Violence and Social Change on December 3, 1956, titled “Facing the Challenge of a New Age” are available for viewing, as are other materials related to the bus boycott.




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Flagship Collections

Faculty Publications Page


Faculty publications in our Flagship Collections have a new home! The Faculty Publications page can be found by clicking "Services Available to Faculty and Staff" on the library homepage, and then clicking "Faculty Publications" in the menu to the left.