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Human Anatomy Atlas

How to access Human Anatomy Atlas via Mobile Device

The first time you log into Human Anatomy Atlas you need to be on Goodwin's Campus. Every three months you need to come back to campus and login to the Goodwin WiFi. 

  •  Sign into the Goodwin student WiFi. 

  • Once you have logged into the student WiFi go to the library homepage and click on Databases A-Z.



  • Go to H and click on Human Anatomy Atlas.



  • Click on Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 (it will be the only one you are allowed to click on). 


  • Click on Information about Mobile Access



  • If you have an iPhone or iPad click on: Download on the Apple Store. If you have an Android product click on: Get it on Google Play. Make sure to have your Apple or Google username and password.



  • Download the app.



  • When you have completed downloading the program a page will come up that says: What's new. 


  • Now you are free to explore the product!