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Systematic Reviews

How to write and find systematic reviews


The literature you will read about Systematic Reviews includes specific vocabulary. Here are some of the most common terms defined in the context of Systematic Reviews:

Bias - a systematic distortion of an estimated effect.

Primary Studies - An original piece of research where the author generates new data by running a new experiment,  or  by collecting  original data from patients. Randomized Controlled Trials are examples of primary studies. In contrast a synthetic study does not generate new data, but combines results from several primary studies using meta-analysis or meta-synthesis.

Qualitative research - Research providing detailed narrative descriptions and explanations of phenomena investigated, with lesser emphasis given to numerical quantifications -- methods used to collect qualitative data include ethnographic practices such as observing and interviewing.

Quantitative Research - Application of statistical processes and theory to the compilation, presentation, discussion, and interpretation of numerical data.