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Brainfuse JobNow

This resource provides free resume review, career assistance and more.

What can Brainfuse JobNow do for you?!

Brainfuse JobNow provides live, anytime, anywhere job assistance, including up-to-date nation-wide and local job search engines, professional resume critique and proven interview techniques. Experience personalized career center seamlessly integrated with advanced virtual technology to help job seekers of diverse backgrounds and needs.

Why use Brainfuse JobNow?

  • Have you ever used a "free" resume service that charged you for every download? 
  • Need help preparing for an interview and don't know who to ask?! 
  • Do you have an resume or cover letter and want some feedback?
  • Need help preparing for an exam such as the GED or the Citizenship Test?

If you answered yes to any of the above question than Brainfuse JobNow is the resource for you!