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NUR 361 - Public and Community Health

This guide is designed to serve as a starting point for locating information on any topic in the field of public health.


When searching in the databases for articles the following tips may help you:

* - This is the truncation symbol. It searches for variations of your term. For example: biolog* will return: biology, biological, biologist.

AND - Use the word AND when you want to combine search terms (this will reduce the number of results found). For example: smoking AND prevention will find articles that discuss BOTH smoking and prevention.

OR - Use the word OR when you are searching for a topic that may have different names (this will expand the number of results found). For example: brain OR neurologic will find articles with either one of these words.

NOT - Use the word NOT when you want to exclude certain terms from your results. For example: wolf NOT spider will find articles that talk about the wolf but exclude any that are about the wolf spider.

View these tutorials to learn how to search for and retrieve the best information from health and nursing databases hosted by PubMed and the EBSCO search platform. The Hoffman Family Library's EBSCO databases for Nursing include: CINAHL an MEDLINE

PubMed indexes and abstracts thousands of journals from biomedical publishing and offers powerful search functions based on specialized medical subject headings (MeSH) as well as standard keyword searching.