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Transcultural Nursing

The information presented here highlights resources that will assist nursing students to incorporate cultural competence skills into nursing practice.

Search Strategies

What are limits and why use them?

Limits are helpful in focusing your search. Once you've done your initial search you can use some limits to help you narrow your results to a more manageable amount of information.

  • Date:  limit results to a specific time frame
  • Peer review:  limit to only peer-reviewed articles
  • Full text:  find only the articles available in full text  **TIP:  you can request an article that isn't available through Interlibrary Loan
  • Publication type:  limit results to meta analysis, reviews, systematic reviews, research articles, and evidence based practice.

Below is a list of subjects that relate to transcultural nursing issues.  Considering these subject terms can help you develop a topic or focus your search.

Cultural aspects:

Define your topic in the form of a question.


What cultural customs are associated with prenatal care for Muslim women?

  • List common synonyms for each concept.
  • Truncate where appropriate.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3


prenatal care


social life

antenatal care



pregnancy care



maternal health



Use Boolean Operators to connect search terms:

  • Combine synonyms using Boolean Operator "OR" to broaden focus.
  • Combine concepts using Boolean Operator "AND" to narrow focus.


(cultur* OR social life OR custom* OR religio*) AND
(prenatal care OR antenatal care OR pregnancy care OR maternal health) AND
(islam* OR muslim*)

You may find it helpful to substitute the name of countries associated with the ethnic group of interest. 


Iran, Jordan, Afghanistan