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Copyright, Fair Use & Creative Commons Licensing

A guide to inform faculty and students about copyright.

Posting Links on Blackboard

Once you have found the article you want, look for the persistent URL (link) to that article. These may be found as follows:

  • EBSCOhost: Permalink in the list to the right of the abstract will display URL at the top of the page
  • ProQuest:  the Document URL, which is located at the bottom of the citation/abstract page.


I would like to embed links in my BlackBoard course (assignment, discussion, etc.) to a radio broadcast or podcast (like from Is that okay to do?

Yes. You may place links to any website or page in your Black Board course. If the owner of the video takes down the content, it will no longer work in your BlackBoard course. This is true for radio broadcast or podcast.

May I upload a journal article in Blackboard for my students to read?

Yes - depending on the source and a variety of other factors. Many of our electronic journals are licensed for this type of usage. Some licenses specify that instructors place permanent links or "permalinks" instead of uploading articles in PDF format. Ask us if you have questions about specific titles or publishers. In many cases, scanning and uploading a print article can be considred a "fair use."

Is there a way I may use the chapter without copying it?

Yes, place a copy of the book on reserve in the library, which students may check out for library use.

I found an image using Google. . . this means it's okay to use, right?

Likely not! Search Creative Commons for free images. If you use a copyrighted image, you must cite it.