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Criminal Justice

This guide serves as an overview for criminal justice research.

Background Information on Criminal Justice

Reference Books:

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, & Dictionaries

Reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedia, almanacs, directories, manuals, handbooks, and much more. Reference books can help you:

  1. Explore a topic (find out what has been said about a topic, trends, issues, etc.)
  2. Identify unfamiliar terms or people in your reading
  3. Find references to other books and articles on the topic
  4. Find keywords to use in your database and online searches.

Encyclopedias provide an overview of knowledge on important subjects. General unabridged dictionaries have good coverage of terms in criminal justices, but are not as complete as dictionaries limited to a particular subject. Guides to the literature introduce a subject field and indicate available resources and the way to use them. Handbooks are similar to encyclopedias but cover a narrower subject area and are usually comprised of a collection of essays written by experts. Manuals provide instructions in how to perform a task.