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Resource Spotlight: New York Times Online

by Cynthia Hunt on 2020-11-02T16:45:00-05:00 | 0 Comments
Our Favorite Features


Current Events & Breaking News

Get up to the minute 24/7 coverage of current events and breaking news stories. You have easy access to all 25 sections of the paper, as well as special sections. NYTimes also provides regularly updated lists of its most emailed and viewed content, as well as articles that are recommended for you based on those you've viewed previously.

Times Machine

Cannot say enough how much we love Times Machine (New York Times digital archive). You have unlimited access to issues from 1851-1922 and 1981 - present. Access to 1923-1980 content is limited to a certain number of issues per day. Once you're in the archives you can keyword search using the magnifying glass in the upper right corner or brose by date using the search box at the bottom. 

New York Times in Education

As part of our subscription, you also get access to New York Times in Education. New content and teaching resources are added to the this site by Faculty Contributors on a weekly basis. Bring real-life examples and context to the classroom!

Full access for Goodwin University students, faculty, and staff to the entire run of the New York Times, as well as Times in Education. The link will show you how to set up an account, and then you can log in at

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