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Navigators Early Support Team (NEST)

What is NEST?

The Navigators Early Support Team (NEST) is able to connect students with the resources and supports they need to ensure success. If you are contacted by a NEST Team Captain, that means your instructor believes you will benefit from taking advantage of the many free services available here at Goodwin. Unlike larger college campuses where faculty often don't even know their students by name, Goodwin faculty know you and care about you, and they want to help you succeed in your academic pursuit.

Let your NEST Team Captain guide you to the resources that are right for you! 


People involved with NEST

                                                                        NEST Captains


                          Staff/Faculty Member

Eric Emet, Director of Student Retention and Athletics

  Jaria Aljoe, Advising Manager
  • NUR (Nursing)
  • DHP (Dental Hygiene)
  • OTA (Occ. Therapy Asst)
  • RSP (Respiratory)
  • VCT (Vision Care)
  • HLT (Histology)

Danielle Berube, Librarian

  • Withdrawals
  •  BUS (Business)
  •  BMM (MFG)
  • COM (Communications)
  • HIS (History)
  • MATH (Credit Only)
  • PHIL (Philosophy)
  • STAT (Statistics)

Allison Misky, Registrar 


  • English

John Kania, Content Coordinator, Developmental English and ESL

  • MATH (Foundational)
  • IDA
  • CAP

Ellen Swider, Content Coordinator, Intellectual Discovery Awareness 

  • ACC (Accounting)
  • CJS (Criminal Justice)
  • HSM (Homeland Sec)
  • OS (Org Studies)
  • PSS (Prof Studies)
  • Three-peats

Marilyn Portilla, Foundational Advisor

  • ECE (Early Childhood)
  •  FS (Family Studies)
  •  HSR (Human Services)
  •  PSY (Psychology)
  •  SOC (Sociology)

Kaitlyn Tacka, Academic Advisor

  • BIO (non-repeats)
  • CHEM (non-repeats)
  •  ENV (Environmental
  •  HSC (Health Science)
  •  MCD (Billing & Coding)
  •  MED (Med Asst)
  •  PBH (Pub Health)
  •  PHB (Phlebotomy)
  • Non academic
  • Counseling
  •  Housing
  •  Transportation
  • Financial Literacy
  • Summer Bridge

Veronica Hills, Director, Student Engagement

  • SAP 
  • Early College

M. Holly Saila-Ngita, Academic Progress Coordinator

  •  Data Analyst 

Grace Libby, Data Analyst