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Goodwin College Flagship Collections

Goodwin College Flagship Collections

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Faculty publications by department


Immigrant Heritages Make America Stronger, Lisa Wisniewski

The Bach Cello Suites - a case study: The “Bourrée" of suite No. 4 in e-flat, Allan J. Ballinger PhD.

Getting the Most out of Guest Experts Who Speak to Your Class, Randy Laist Ph.D.

Strategies for Addressing Grammar in Threaded Discussions, Randy Laist Ph.D.

Comparison of adjunctive use of aripiprazole with bupropion or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors/serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors: analysis of patients beginning adjunctive treatment in a 52-week, open-label study, Anita H Clayton, Ross A Baker, John J Sheehan, Zachary J Cain, Robert A Forbes, Sabrina Vogel Marler, Ronald Marcus, Robert M Berman, and Michael E Thase

The Development and Impact of Women’s Studies In American Higher Education, Katherine D. Kalagher

The Invasion of the Flapper: How the College Women of the 1920s Transformed the American College Experience, Katherine D. Kalagher

Building a Support System for English Language Learners at a Career College, Diane Sperger Ed.D and John Kania Ed.D.

Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Baudrillard’s Perfect Crime, Randy Laist

An Analysis of Higher-Order Thinking: Examining a Secondary Physics I Web-Enhanced Instructional Design, Lisa Manley

Songs for Extinct Species: An Interview with Randy Laist, Eco-Now

Confidence Using Best Practices to Teach Writing: A Case Study of Community College Professors, Sharon Koch

Alex Haley’s Roots and Hyperreal Historiography, Randy Laist

Terminating the Technopocalypse in James Cameron’s Terminator Films, Randy Laist

In Search of Higher-order Thinking: Examining a Secondary Physics I Web-enhanced Instructional Design, Lisa Manley

A Case Study of Community College Professors of English: Self-Efficacy Concerning Teaching Basic Writing to Underprepared Students, Sharon Koch

Bullet-Time in Simulation City: Revisiting Baudrillard and The Matrix by way of the “Real 1999”, Randy Laist

Long-term safety and tolerability of open-label aripiprazole augmentation of antidepressant therapy in major depressive disorder., Sabrina Vogel Marler, Robert M. Berman, Michael E. Thase, Madhukar H. Trivedi, Robert D. McQuade, William Carson, Ross A. Baker, and Ronald N. Marcus

P02-36 - Effect of aripiprazole adjunctive to antidepressants on sexual functioning: A subgroup analysis of a 52-week open-label safety study (CN138–164), Sabrina Vogel Marler, R Gismondi, A Clayton, Ross A. Baker, R. Forbes, and Robert M. Berman

Rappaccini’s Planet: The Legacy of Hawthorne in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, and DeLillo’s White Noise, Randy Laist

The Hyperreal Theme in 1990s American Cinema, Randy Laist
Sex for Dinner, Death for Breakfast: James Bond and the Body, Brian A. Dixon Ph.D.

Effects of Personalized Narration on Learner Motivaton in a Web-Base Environment, Mark P. Fazioli

The Self-Deconstructing Canon: Teaching the Survey Course Without Perpetuating Hegemony, Randy Laist

Apocalyptic Nostalgia in the Prologue of Don DeLillo’s Underworld, Randy Laist

Care Managers' Perceptions of Ethical Principles in Decision Making: Placing the Home and Community-based Individual with Dementia in a Nursing Facility, Sherrilyn G. Bernier Ed. D.

Untangling and Derailing the Rhetoric of Marginalization in American Historical Fiction: Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!, Reed's Mumbo Jumbo and Morrison's Beloved, Howard Satinsky

Colonizers, Fathers and Daughters in The Color Purple, Howard Satinsky

Racism, Intraracism and Contemporary Afro-American Literature, Howard Satinsky

Shame and the Patriarchic in Toni Morrison’s Paradise and Love, Howard Satinsky

Environmental Sciences

BMP Research in a Low-Impact Development Environment: The Jordan Cove Project, Robert A. Phillips, John C. Clausen, John Alexopoulos, Bruce Morton, Stan Zaremba, and Mel Cote

Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project: Residential Stormwater Wheel, Bruce Morton, Stan Zaremba, Paul Stacey, and Eric Thomas

Jordon Cove Urban Watershed Project, Bruce Morton

Jordan Cove Urban Watershed National Monitoring Project, Bruce Morton, Dr. John Clausen, Melville P. Cote Jr., Paul Stacey, and Stan Zaremba

Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project: Earth Friendly vs. Traditional Subdivision Design, Bruce Morton, John Alexopoulos, John Clausen, Mel COTÉ, and Stan Zaremba

2nd Annual Colloquium Research on the Connecticut River Floodplains. Environmental Studies Department, Goodwin College

Ecology and conservation of Connecticut River floodplain forests. Christian Marks, Ph.D.

Ground Water Monitoring at a Septage Lagoon Facility in Connecticut, Bruce Morton, John J. Kolega, and Harvey D. Luce

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Teaching Tomorrow's Therapists, Lisa F. Toussaint OTR/L



The Development of Two Anatomy and Physiology Courses that Allows Students to Complete Their Course Requirements at Home Using eScience Labs: Comparison Among Online, Hybrid and On-Ground Courses. Debra A. Rajaniemi and Vicky Navaroli


Exploring childcare health consultant as a career option, Robin Cournoyer

A Case Study of Connecticut Community Colleges Nursing Programs to Describe Gerontological Content Inclusion in Associate Degree Registered Nursing Programs Using an Educational Curriculum Framework, Leslie Harris

Watts, J. F., & Walker, P. (2018). Bridging the Gap: One Nursing School's Response to Clinical Evaluation Challenges. Teaching & Learning In Nursing, 13(2), 101-103. doi:10.1016/j.teln.2017.12.003


The Embedded Librarian in Online Classes: A Pilot Study by Leslie Harris Ed.D,MSN, BA

Study Abroad by Barbara Morey and Rosemary Hathaway


Final Report 2015 National Summit: Early Childhood Special Education Inclusion, Diana J. LaRocco and Erin E. Barton

Physical Activity and Self-Efficacy in Physical Activity and Healthy Eating in an Urban Elementary Setting, Tracey D. Matthews, Elizabeth O'Neill, Kimberly T. Kostelis, Daniel Jaffe, Steven Vitti, Melissa Quinlan, and Michelle Boland

National Early Childhood Special Education Leadership Summit: Final Report February 2014, Diana J. LaRocco, Deborah A. Bruns, Sarika S. Gupta, and Kim Moherek Sopko

Navigating New Faculty Mentorship at Goodwin College. By Lisa Manley; Henriette Pranger; Vicky Navaroli; and Kelson J. Ettienne-Modeste.

Building Community by Creating a Culture of Recognition and Respect through Non-Academic Activities. By Henriette Pranger; Kelli Goodkowsky; and Debra A Rajaniemi.

In Search of Higher-order Thinking: Examining a Secondary Physics I Web-enhanced Instructional Design. By Lisa Manley.

An Analysis of Higher-Order Thinking: Examining a Secondary Physics I Web-Enhanced Instructional Design. By Lisa Manley. Published in Issues and Trends in Educational Technology 1.1. 2013.

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